Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage

When customers evaluate what SCPL brings to the table, visible differentiators can go beyond cost and efficiencies. Interestingly, into areas that call for a nurturing of relationships – with partners, associates and agencies. The customs department is one such enabler, to ensure that compliance is in order – right across submissions, support documents and accurate profiling of shipments.

At an operations level what this means is being accurate and detail oriented on guidelines and procedures. It also helps to improve avenues for mutual support and respect – the end objective being reducing bottlenecks to facilitate the smooth movement of goods. At SCPL, we also encourage information sharing with younger team members who will grow into responsible positions over a period of time. Information sharing gives the company a strong, enterprise wide knowledge base.

Salient customer support features

  • Ensure a transparent, information based interaction with customers based on regular updates from the department
  • Provide accurate costs and fee structures based on guidelines outlined by the customs department. It is useful for customers to understand costs linked to ethical and accurate compliance.
  • Leverage IT resources to provide accurate documentation on the shipment and necessary profile data on the client.


Among the preferred customs brokerage houses in the country, SCPL provides end-to-end customs clearance assistance. We are licensed Customs House Agents(CHA) operating out of all the major seaports and airports. Our localized teams handle the cargo screening, examination, customs documentation and all related formalities - right from pre-shipment to post-landing stages. Our services include gate pass issuance, customs handover, weight recording and unitization for exports and query management with discrepancy handling for imports.

We use the advanced web-based platform, CORVI to facilitate faster document uploads to the Customs EDI and compile automated cargo tracking reports. This platform provides reports to customer facing and process management teams at SCPL. We also accelerate SVB matters – to cover areas such as questionnaires, documentation and information as stipulated by the Special Valuation Branch for related customer transactions.

Our customs brokerage services cover the following areas:


  • Clearance of consignments for home consumption, warehousing, ex-bond and high seas sale
  • SEZ Clearances
  • ATA Carnet clearances
  • Processing and clearance under various export promotion schemes
  • Processing and cancellation of customs bond (viz. PD bond, test bond, etc.)
  • Consultancy and advice on imports and SVB matters
  • Submitting daily status report of import consignments
  • Ensuring timely delivery of goods to the client’s facility
  • Filing & processing of Refund claims


  • Clearance of export shipments by filing free shipping bills, drawback shipping bills and pink shipping bills
  • Filing and processing of drawback claims
  • Other export related services like procuring EP copies, Country of Origin Certificate, Plant quarantine formalities, etc.