Bonded Warehousing


At our public bonded warehouse, what customers expect is efficiency and cost-savings. They also look for follow through to make the process smooth and seamless. Among the challenges we face in achieving this is widely varied shipment profiles from different customer segments. And they could all be coming in at the same time - right from small microchips to large machine tools, for instance.  

At the ground level our teams are geared to make the best use of warehouse space and material handling equipment within routes that are accurately coordinated. Operation planning here is designed for synergies across people and processes - with WMS support that is flexible, adaptive and always learning.

Salient customer support features

  • Integrated scheduling of processes based on expertise evolved over the years
  • Total control of cargo handling, categorization and inventory management
  • Sorting, tagging and slotting based on storage environment specified in shipment brief


SCPL operates customs bonded warehouse facility out of Bangalore and is constantly working on improving the quality of infrastructure and range of services. Bonded warehouses are evolving as the cost-efficient storage solution during transshipment, and before delivery - utilizing the provision of deferred taxes. Our warehouse also has state-of-the-art equipment for handling delicate cargo as well as heavy machinery.

At our warehouse we have developed competencies in handling the necessary licenses and approvals to comply with and simplify warehousing procedures. This is largely possible with teams that have the expertise and experience to handle the necessary processing, paperwork and delivery services.

Our customs bonded warehouse services cover the following areas:

  • 30000 sq. ft of public bonded warehousing facility at Bangalore.
  • 2250 sq.ft of Warehousing facility at the Bangalore International Airport Limited, Cargo Complex
  • Mechanized cargo handling equipment to ensure efficient and safe handling
  • Reliable and closely supervised packaging methods
  • Easy processing of order requirements and transportation to customer locations
  • Living up to highest industry standards