Our scope of services broadly covers customs brokerage, bonded warehousing, freight forwarding and related value-added services.

company Our capability portfolio encompasses all areas relating to CHA work, inclusive of determining the right classification of goods and advising clients on compliance procedures linked to their shipments. SCPL has kept pace with updates and revisions in procedures to ensure that a client’s shipment has the latest information in terms of compliance.

The company has a public bonded warehouse in Bangalore. SCPL set up the first public bonded warehouse that was granted a license by the customs department in the private sector – this was earlier only granted to public sector undertakings such as CWC and CONCOR.  Public bonded warehouses within the company’s own facilities help us build in additional layers of customer support and service.  

SCPL are members of the Global Logistics Network with a reach of more than 400 agents worldwide. This enables cargo to be shipped anywhere in the world - end-to-end within our network.

At our bonded warehouses, what customers expect is efficiency and cost-savings. They also look for follow through to make the process smooth and seamless.Among the challenges we face in achieving this..

When customers evaluate what SCPL brings to the table, visible differentiators can go beyond cost and efficiencies. Interestingly, into areas that call for a nurturing of relationships ....

Domestic movement of cargo brings with it a set of performance markers on time, movement routing and overall efficiency, because we’re dealing with comparatively smaller route maps and delivery cycles.

Freight forwarding is another core service offering at SCPL and all support activities are planned to ensure smooth movement of shipments within a framework of carefully monitored segments.