Domestic movement


Domestic movement of cargo brings with it a set of performance markers on time, movement routing and overall efficiency, because we’re dealing with comparatively smaller route maps and delivery cycles. And if a customer engagement runs right through the year our solutions will need to take into account sustained efficiencies and cost control within support parameters outlined in the contract.

At a dashboard level our systems need to take into account revisions in taxes and duties within a process that ensures accuracy and total compliance. The objective here is for our systems to pre-empt and forecast multiple scenarios that might come into play.

Salient customer support features

  • Evaluation of uptime efficiencies of network partners, handlers and process associates, leading to performance ratings
  • Ensuring end-to-end efficiencies in terms of carrier mobility, route optimization, interstate compliance and last-mile preferences picked by the customer
  • Providing customers easy access to shipment movement, status and carrier information.